09 Sep

One often hears people use the saying “I have more questions now than answers…”.  Intrinsically, that is what I want to say now and it is true that I never want to stop asking those questions.  I think questioning our suppositions is the only way to refine our opinions, see the world through other people’s lenses and step outside of the framework of our own messy lives, with all of the influences of our mood, upbringing, religion and even experiences.  Questioning our suppositions allows us to truly grapple with the complexity of an issue.   Although I never want to stop asking questions, some of the questions that I have been asking for almost a decade now are starting to come to a head, expressed as opinions.  The vast majority of these questions are the result of experiences that I have had and exposure to the world through my work and travels.  These questions largely revolve around how we govern ourselves, particularly in relation to the geo-political landscape, economics, development and the health of the environment that forms the foundation for all our endeavors as humans.  However, the opinions that come out of asking those questions  come from a more complex array of conversations, commentary, arguments, readings, writings and challenges, many of which have required me to set aside my own perspective and be convinced of the viewpoint of others.

I can’t tell you how many times I have registered, de-registered and re-registered for various blog sites with the hope of actually writing some of my thoughts.  It is safe to say that it has been many.  However, in the lead up to the events commemorating the decade since September 11th, 2001, I have felt as if I wanted to share the myriad thoughts and opinions that have been nurtured over the last ten years living in a world that is often stranger than fiction.  This blog is not only an expression of my opinions but hopefully this blog is as much a debate forum as it is a register of my views.  I hope this forum also serves another purpose: to raise questions that drive me and to probe for answers from a wider audience. I am not seeking consensus, just as I am not terribly vexed if you do not agree with my point of view.  I simply want to record my journey and the questions that I have felt pressured to seek answers for and I encourage respectful debate.

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